Sunny Jar

Green high-tech technology in traditional mason jar, that is Sunny Jar.

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Day / Night

During the day it stores solar energy ...

The principle of this Sunny Jar is really simple and ingenious too. Sunny Jar stores energy during the day and releases light at night. Producing light in this way is fun, sustainable and makes it easy to do your bit for the environment. lights up the night.

In the evening or at night you can turn on Sunny Jar by using magnetic switch. The four solar-powered LED lights creating a beautiful, bright light. A light bright enough for reading.
The special feature: Fill your Sunny Jar with fruits, sand, dried flowers, shells, pebbles ... You just need to use your imagination.

Details about Sunny Jar

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Where the lamp is useful?

Sunny Jar is ideal for decorating light, but like table decoration too. Sunny Jar is useful at many opportunity like barbecues, camping, alfresco dining and all other outdoor pursuits that would benefit from beautiful lighting to create a wonderful and relaxed atmosphere.

After switching on, Sunny Jar light up only for a few seconds. Does it mean the Sunny Jar is broken?

No, if Sunny Jar goes off immediately after turning on, it means the Sunny Jar battery level is too low. This is just a way how Sunny Jars defence battery. Just let the Sunny Jar on full sun light and next day you may use Sunny Jar in full power.

Technical data

Need more information? Then you will find the technical data here:


clear 1 liter


LiIon 1000mAh

Holding time:

12h in full charge

Charging time:

1-3 days in full sunlight


4x8lm 6000K 120st

Jar size:

110 x 110 x 170 mm

Package size:

125 x 125 x 180 mm


900 g

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